How to scale DevOps with an internal platform team?

The rise of technologies such as Cloud and adoption of open-source technologies have further pushed organizations to adopt DevOps. A Gartner survey estimated that 25% of the 2000 global IT organizations planned to adopt DevOps in 2016 alone. To make things easier,contact us and we’ll help you integrate DevOps into your workflows in a few simple steps and without any mistakes. Our experienced DevOps team carefully assesses your business needs, current development, and operation team structure and processes to suggest the best DevOps strategy for your business. Along with adopting CI/CD, it’s time to considerContinuous Documentation. Applying Continuous Documentation is able to reduce the gap between the codebase and code-specific knowledge, keeping all processes in sync.

  • We knew he was about to publish his groundbreaking novel on IT and DevOps, The Phoenix Project, and couldn’t think of a better person to collaborate with.
  • Finally, they will conclude how to avoid them and what measures need to be taken in the future to avoid these failures.
  • Version control systems consist of a central shared repository where teammates can commit changes to a file or set of file.
  • Puppet is a Ruby-based Configuration Management tool, but while it has some free features, much of what makes Puppet great is only available in the paid version.
  • Not only are they releasing much more frequently, but the same high-performing teams are able to move 3,000 times faster in terms of lead teams.
  • It is imperative to assemble your DevOps team and ensure that they have the best resources of the organization.

This DevOps automation is likely to free your technical staff for more innovations and will quicken feedback cycle simultaneously, thus adding more value to the organization. High performing DevOps teams ideally have increased deployment frequency, faster change lead times, reduced mean time to recover and low change failure rates. He is an engaged leader who implements technologies and processes that enable developer productivity, reduces code deployment lead times and supports more reliable infrastructures. Living in the age of digital transformation, businesses require more revolutionary method to get work done, tools that manage business, cross functional teams performance, and user data all from one platform. From automating builds to setting up servers to writing custom scripts for a specific technology stack, DevOps engineers have to act as the ultimate facilitators for high-quality software development.

Basically, it is the duty of the release manager to coordinate, supervise and manage the project right from the development stage through the production stage. Representation of DevOps Team StructureIn case you are doubting the relevance of DevOps team structure, here are some accurate and reliable statistics that will most likely change your mind. For starters, do you know that DevOps spends 60% less time handling support cases?

But rolling out DevOps for the first time can be a serious challenge, especially for operations groups bogged down by traditional IT silos and practices. Highly specialized, siloed teams impede efficiency, accountability, and the essential culture of sharing that powers good DevOps. The State of DevOps Report found that 47% of highly evolved DevOps organizations are able to define devops team structure and configure their own monitoring and alerting criteria for apps in production. The State of DevOps Report outlines five stages of DevOps evolution, modeled on the paths taken by the highest-achieving organizations. In a series of posts over the coming weeks, we will provide an overview of each stage, from building a foundation to automation to full self-service capabilities.

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Another key idea that DevOps borrows from the lean movement is “shifting left,” or identifying and fixing defects early on, rather than inspecting quality at the end. By shifting quality to the left, you’re able to detect problems earlier when it’s much cheaper and easier to fix them. We found that high performers spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work and rework than low performers, and as a result, they’re able to spend 29 percent more of their time on new, value-adding work.

And that usually means aligning the organizational structure with the desired team structure, as observed by the proverb known as Conway’s Law. Bringing in DevOps to an organization means making some changes to the culture and structure of teams and the organization. These changes are often disruptive and frequently meet with some resistance from leadership, teams, and individuals. Using a configuration management tool like Puppet in DevOps has many benefits. Is an efficient system management tool for centralizing and automating the configuration management process.

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The 2015 State of DevOps Report from Puppet Labs describes the characteristics of a “generative culture” that can succeed in implementing DevOps. Among the necessary traits are high cooperation through cross-functional teams, shared responsibilities, breaking down silos to encourage bridging. If the goal of the DevOps team is to make itself obsolete by bringing the other teams together then they can be effective as evangelists and coaches. Understand the role of Maven in DevOps along with its key features for the performance of the projec…

puppet best team structure for devops success

Every year, we try to bring a new perspective to the DevOps conversation based on what we’re observing in the field, backed by data and statistical analysis. For the past two years, we sought to understand what it takes to scale DevOps practices across an organization. We were surprised a few years ago to see many companies creating specialized DevOps teams and DevOps roles. Because the tendency to identify DevOps as a role and specialty has continued and increased, we surmise that the term functions as a shorthand that gives organizations permission — and funding — to move forward with DevOps.

Q6. What are the key elements of Continuous Testing tools?

Larger businesses can fall into the trap of the “we built the thing, you have to use it or else” mentality. Teams need to trust that developers are good at writing code and will come up with ideas that might be better than the existing ones. Teams should pull new creations into the platform and company Golden Path if they show a high usage rate. Many developers define the Golden Path as the narrow and supported way to build something, whether it’s a backend service, website, or data pipeline. When organized efficiently, the teams can receive early feedback from users and have feedback loops between product producers and consumers.

Rather than worrying about infrastructure and operations tooling, developers can focus on what they do best – building software. Risk is a fact of life in software development, but you can’t mitigate what you can’t anticipate. Do your operations team a favor and let them peek under the hood with you. Look for tools that support wallboards, and let everyone involved in the project comment on specific build or deployment results.

puppet best team structure for devops success

Cultural blockers, DevOps strategy blunders, poor planning — all these factors might be the biggest obstacles in the DevOps transformation. What are the pitfalls companies often step in while implementing DevOps and how to avoid them? But first, let’s briefly look at what DevOps is all about and how it can boost product delivery.

Q2. What is the difference between Asset Management and Configuration Management?

Puppet by Perforce gives IT operations teams back their time and offers peace of mind with infrastructure automation that enables security and compliance. More than 40,000 organizations rely on Puppet products to empower people to innovate through IT automation. Here’s our get started guide DevOps is hard to get right, even if you’ve been doing it for a while. If you are brand new, this expert advice will help you get in the game more quickly.A comprehensive beginner’s guide to DevOps for developers Starting DevOps in your organization and not sure where to begin?

On the other hand, giving developers a more direct experience may still be of value. It likely depends on the developers, the applications, and the organization. Quality Assurance validates the product to ensure it meet both customer and organizational requirements throughout the development and deployment phases.

puppet best team structure for devops success

The Platform teams model has an important role, delivering to users internally or externally via self-service. A lot of time is spent collaborating with users at the design phase. “Collaboration is expensive – it’s not the best way to do efficient, at-scale interactions between teams. Delivering things via a service, like an API, is a more efficient way,” notes Nigel. The Platform team builds the internal platform that accelerates delivery by stream-aligned teams. These groups handle that entire portion of the business domain from end-to-end while working with other team types .

The Roles And Responsibilities of a DevOps Team

Also, infrastructure is nimble and can be provisioned or de-provisioned in response to load. Manually “topping” a box or hitting your API with a test is fine for spot-checking. But to understand trends and the overall health of your application , you need software that is listening and recording data 24/7. Ongoing observability is a key capability for successful DevOps teams. There’s no magic recipe for automated deployment that will work for every application and IT environment. But converting operations’ runbook into a cmd-executable script using Ruby or bash is a common way to start.

DevOps Interview Questions – Version Control System (VCS) Interview Questions

These practices include placing a building, operating, design, testing, and other professionals in a shared environment and applying the Infrastructure as Code approach. Another indispensable practice for a successful DevOps shift is automating all stages to accelerate the development-testing-releasing process. Post-release crashes are often the result of testing gaps, as continuous testing does not happen within each phase of the software building process.


This is based on Ruby and is offered as a community and enterprise variant as well as on-premise and on-demand. Admins first have to set up the Chef Development kit before they can install the chief agents at the nodes via SSH. Ruby is used as a Domain Specific Language , which means that no additional formatting language is needed. For more on this phase, check out this post from Atlassian product managers about backlog grooming and prioritization.

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In the lower levels of security integrations, because teams are not collaborating that closely, there is not much friction, said Brown. “As we start to collaborate more frequently the friction goes up considerably.” So what’s guaranteed as companies attempt to unite development and operations in a security-conscious era? Ongoing monitoring and testing of the production environment help to catch any issues that may arise. The continuous integration system triggers a build and test process, which includes automated tests.

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